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Initial pelvic floor PT evaluation

An evaluation includes a thorough history including your primary concerns and any functional limitations you have. An assessment of movement and special tests of your muscles and joints will be performed focusing on the areas of concern and overall function.  

After the assessment, we will discuss a plan of care to address your symptoms and provide some treatment as well as education.


Pelvic Floor PT session

Pelvic floor therapy is a one-on-one session that may include: 

  • Exercises to identify, strengthen, or lengthen the pelvic floor muscles

  • Core strengthening exercises 

  • Soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release to address muscle imbalance 

  • Joint mobilization 

  • Relaxation techniques 

  • Self-care education including diet and lifestyle changes that can help improve symptoms.

  • Biofeedback techniques to improve muscle contraction and relaxation 

  • Electrical stimulation to improve awareness and strengthen muscles 

Each session is designed indiviually to fit your specific needs.

Pricing: Rates

Good Faith Estimate

Would you like a Cost Estimate?

At Hill Country Pelvic Health, we believe in cost transparency and your right to shop for high quality, cost-effective services. If you do not have health insurance or plan to self-pay for our services without insurance reimbursement, we will be happy to provide you with a “Good Faith Estimate” of our costs upon request or upon scheduling with at least 3 days advance.  Call our office for more information or see our fee schedule posted above.

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Common Questions

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Yes, you will need a doctor's referral for the initial physical therapy evaluation.

Do you accept insurance?

We are out of network with all insurance companies except Medicare part B.  If desired, a receipt can be provided for submitting to insurance. Pelvic Floor physical therapy will be reimbursed as out of network physical therapy services. 

We accept all forms of cash payment:  cash, check, or credit card.

Pricing: FAQ

Call or text 830-428-3044 to schedule an appointment.  

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